How to fix Capture One software?

Have you ever had issues with viewing/processing/exporting problems with Capture one?

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The Requirement

If you don’t know what Capture One is, it’s a famous software for processing any kind of raw images, and you can find the software at this link

In case you’re working on MAC, please use the source at

I’ve found myself having that issue and luckily I’ve created a script that allows you to have a simple fix without doing much.

The solution: Windows-based solution

In case you’re on Windows Operating System, I’ve created a PowerShell Script to solve the issue with the processing software that is GitHub at

How to use the script — Repair-CaptureOne (Windows)

Sometimes when you’re working with your capture one software, when you process an image with the recipes, it gets stuck and nothing happens.

The official document Troubleshooting OpenCL in case of Viewing/processing/Exporting Problems

[!IMPORTANT] This script is based on the official document and solves the issue based on the solution shown on the link

Prerequisites To use the script

You would need the following:

  • Open Powershell as Administrator
  • Run-on Powershell as administrator
Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
  • And Accept the changes by pressing (‘A’ and then enter).
  • Download the script at Github Repair-CaptureOne.ps1
  • Move the file into the Desktop
move-item $env:userprofile\download\Repair-CaptureOne.ps1 $env:userprofile\desktop
  • Make sure you have closed Capture One software

[!IMPORTANT] You can leave it open, the script will manage to close it. The only thing is that when you open the software again it will detect that it was not closed clearly.

  • Run the Powershell
cd $env:userprofile\desktop


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Powershell Expert | Office365 Ambassador | MS Certified Pro | Awarded in Experts-Exchange | Twitter: j0rt3g4 YT: j0rtIT

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Jose Gabriel Ortega C

Jose Gabriel Ortega C

Powershell Expert | Office365 Ambassador | MS Certified Pro | Awarded in Experts-Exchange | Twitter: j0rt3g4 YT: j0rtIT

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