Onedrive Storage Increase Dismitified

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If you are starting or have zero knowledge of Powershell, you need to read this part.

Run Powershell as Administrator from the Start Menu
After this initial step, this is what you should see.
Ran it with “-Force” to force the installation since I already had it.
Graphical Description — https://<tenant>

Onedrive Storage Increase from 1 Tb to 5 Tb

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There are three ways to do this increase:

Method 1 Powershell — Tenant-wide (all users at once):

Method 2 Powershell — User-specific

Method 3 Using Portal — Tenant-wide

Omit the Spanish; On English, the red square is in the same spot :)

Onedrive Storage Increase from 5 Tb to 25 Tb

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