Powershell: Renaming TXT Files with a specific Pattern using Powershell

How to rename targeted files within a folder based on a pattern

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Powershell is a powerful tool that allows you to do whatever you think of while managing the files on your computer in an efficient manner. Especially if you have a great number of files (in my case, pictures) besides knowing IT work.

My name is Jose Ortega, and I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional on Office 365, Powershell, Messaging (Exchange Online/Exchange On-premises), and Windows Server. I’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies for 12+ years and independently since 2015 using Upwork and reaching the distinction of Top-Rated Plus Freelancer. I used to write scripts for TechNet in my free time, but now I’ve moved to Medium; my goal is to help you solve complicated and straightforward problems with my experience. You can expect an article from one to three weeks. Right now, I’m working and assisting on a Microsoft GIG as a freelancer for Office365 tickets and customers worldwide. Thank you in advance for all the support, follow, clap, comment, and donation. If you would like to ask something or discuss it further, please reach me on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or GitHub as j0rt3g4).

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The requirement:

I have several files within a folder, and I would like to rename only the TXT files contained in that particular path and ignore any other different extension; I’d like to rename in a pattern like a 3 digit code:

  • Dummy name 1.txt
  • Dummy name 50.txt
  • Dummy name 99.txt
  • Dummy Name 300.txt

The Solution: In case that you like to copy-paste the procedure:

$nameLike='dummy name'
gci -File -Path "./" | where{ $_.name -like "$nameLike*"} | %{
#remove space in the middle
$newname = $_.Name.Split(‘ ‘)[0] + $_.Name.Split(‘ ‘)[1]
#convert the name into the padding you want (3)
[int]::TryParse($_.Name.Split(' ')[2].Split('.')[0],[ref]$CurrentId) | Out-Null
$newname = $newname + $CurrentId.ToString("000") + $_.Extension
Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName $newname

In case you have doubts about how it should be looks like, I’ll let you a screenshot of the code:

Solution On Powershell ISE.

Original Files — Before Running the script

Original files before running the script

Output — After running the script

Output Files after running the script


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